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Add our configurator to ease complex product purchases online

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Our Blueprint for Magento suite enhances the quotation capability of this eCommerce platform.  Our product configurator with its powerful rules and calculation engine enables your clients to quickly and easily request detailed quotations and make purchases online.  

The Blueprint platform ensures rapid deployment as well as complete flexibility to customise to the specific requirements of the most demanding product lines. A snap shot of the Blueprint functionality for use on an eCommerce platform is listed below.

  • Guided Quote & Order Creation
    Guide clients in the correct selection of product options and variations. Dynamic forms are used to limit the user to the relevant selection criteria based upon previous decisions made by customers during the process. On-line help and guidance is provided to the buyer to avoid any confusion.

  • Accurate Calculations
    Your prices, costs and margins will always be correctly calculated every time preventing loss making jobs. With our powerful rules and calculation engine even the most complex calculations and rules can be relied upon to generate accurate quotes and orders.

  • Professional Document and Proposal Production
    Blueprint can automatically provide your clients with a professional offer document via email or download as result of the guided selection process. As part of this process a copy of the offer can be uploaded your back office applications such as ERP and CRM for follow up and order processing.

  • Automated CAD Drawing and 3D Graphic Solutions
    Lift your organisations perception with CAD drawings and 3D graphics included with every quote automatically based upon the guided selections made by your clients online.

  • Error Free Sales Order Processing & Timely Bill of Materials Solutions
    Automate the production of BOM's from a quote and push these automatically into your Sales Order Processing / ERP system when quotes are converted to orders by your customers.

 Screen Shot Example:

Product Selection Screen
Products are managed and selected from with Magento

Product Details and Configuration Screen
The configuration screen is shown in a iframe below the product detail

Cart / Checkout
Products are stored in the cart for check out and payment using standard Magento features


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